Your vacation starts here

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable travel experience with luxury transfers to Capri, which take you to the island quickly and pleasantly, turning the journey itself into an adventure as exciting as the holiday. Each transfer is curated down to the smallest detail, from initial departure to final arrival at your hotel.

Guests have the convenience of a luxury car at their disposal to take them to the port of Marina di Stabia or Mergellina, where a fast motorboat will be waiting for them. After guests dock on the island, Infinity Capri continues its impeccable assistance by providing a traditional Capri open-top taxi to accompany guests to their hotel, including handling the transfer of all their luggage as well.


Touch down on Capri from above

If you really want to get to Capri as quickly as possible, we can organize a helicopter transfer. In less than half an hour from the Naples airport, you'll arrive in Anacapri. From there, you can take a traditional Capri open-top taxi to your final destination in just a few minutes.

Concierge Service

Your vacation, down to the last detail

More than just boats—Infinity Capri is synonymous with luxurious and personalized services. From organizing exclusive excursions to securing reservations at the most renowned restaurants, as well as organizing special events, our team of expert concierges is dedicated to making your vacation on Capri an unforgettable experience.